Woodsy Brazilian Room Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday! If you haven’t visited The Brazilian Room in Berkeley, you should. The breathtaking views of Tilden Park is a perfect backdrop for your big day. Sarah’s Garden added simple greenery to this whimsical wedding that complimented the venues feel without over doing it. The only thing we can say is “WOW!”

LealWedding_2018(82of146)LealWedding_2018(89of146)LealWedding_2018(90of146)LealWedding_2018(93of146)LealWedding_2018(16of35)LealWedding_2018(5of35)LealWedding_2018(1of66)LealWedding_2018(6of66)LealWedding_2018(96of146)LealWedding_2018(13of66)LealWedding_201815FEATURED ITEM:  Bentwood Chairs Photography: Erica Bean Photography


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