We are so excited to show off our new linens with you all!! Drum roll PLEASE… Introducing NEW Velvet Linen lines!

Meet our stunning Velvet Watercolor line

Our Jaw-dropping Etched Velvet line

Our sexy Crushed Velvet

And we had to add a couple more colors to our classic Velvet line

Are you ready for Spring? We are with these colorful lines. First up, our Stripe linen

Check linen

Our super fun Kinect linen

Meet our Venice line

We also added our Prato and Holly line to the mix!

How amazing would this line look at an outdoor event?

Oh, and this line is REVERSIBLE with french seams!

We are little obsessed with our Shibori linen in Indigo


How about this cool textured linen? Our Bark Linen (fun name, right?)

You always need new solid linens too. How about this muted “Living Coral” line for you all Pantone lovers? Our Tuscany line is absolutely lovely.

For the romantics out there, meet Diana.


and our Paisley Lace line

How about a our funky Switch linen in Navy/Gold?



Oh, we can’t forget about our moody Mineral linen in Topaz!


Lastly, we had to purchase our Harmony and Cambria line for the beautiful color palette Do you agree?


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